Ocoee Mountain Biking

This is a blog about trails and all things having to do with bike trips near Ocoee, TN.

My name is Brent Rogers and I am one of the owners of Raft One, Ocoee. Please feel free to ask questions about the area……….other questions are great too, but just to warn you my momma used to say, “Brent, stay in shape in-case this whole school thing doesn’t work out”.

I reserve the right to talk about other stuff that is shiny and catches my attention.

Raft One does Guided Mountain Biking Trips in the Ocoee Region. We also rent out our bikes, and give free trail maps so you can limit the time you spend thinking “did I just see that tree?”.

To schedule a bike trip in the area give me a call at 888-RAFTONE.

4 Responses to Ocoee Mountain Biking

  1. Good stuff on here, is there a feed?

  2. Wes Ginn says:

    Really cool blog! I love mountain biking and look forward to reading more about your experiences :-)

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